(Dad and I circa 2010)

The Green's Story

(Dad and I circa 2010)

Our family furniture business, now in its second generation, was established 30 years ago in my parents' backyard. The venture started with my father's workshop, which was equipped with an array of construction tools for his contracting work. He allocated half of this workshop to my mother, allowing her to sell used furniture. Over time, she expanded her enterprise to occupy the entire space. For the last decade of its operation, I was actively involved in our family business until my parents chose to retire and explore the world through travel.

Following a year of their retirement, my husband and I were inspired to revive the family legacy at a new location. We have been successfully running it for over seven years now. The Covid pandemic posed significant challenges for us, disrupting our supply chain and affecting our ability to provide furniture to our customers. During this period, we were presented with an opportunity to sell a distinctive style of furniture. Embracing change, we rebranded our business to specialize exclusively in farmhouse, cottage, and rustic-style furniture.

Currently, the future looks promising. We are filled with anticipation for what lies ahead, eager to connect with our community—our neighbors and family—in Summerville and beyond.

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